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In the weeks to come we’ll be featuring videos and audios on a number of topics that only confirms our belief we are all living-history.

Believe it or not. You program your brain.


I’m serious. There is ample scientific proof that we program our own brains. Meaning we become what we tell ourselves we are. I will qualify this fact by pointing out that mental illness is a physical disease and may play a serious part in people with self-distractive behaviors.

No amount of reprogramming is going to cure a physical ailment.

I’ll give you an example of how it works. When a person consistently berates themselves with admonishments like “I’m such an idiot,” or “I always screw things up” or “I never get anything right”. What’s actually happening is you are programming your subconscious, which in turn takes action to reinforce those beliefs.

This also occurs when someone consistently says that to you and you don’t demand that they stop.

I’ll give you an example that has likely happened to you. Someone asks you to go and get something. Say your spouse asks you to get the ketchup from the refrigerator. You go, look and don’t see it, come back and say it’s not there.

Your spouse replies “Of course it’s in there. I put it there myself this morning. Please check again. You say, “I was just there. It’s not in the refrigerator. I looked.”

Spouse replies, “Please just look again, I’m sure it’s there!”

You thunder off calling back, “I’m telling you, it’s not there. I’m sure! I checked the entire refrigerator.” You open the fridge, look again, still not there. forex trade online

You spouse storms over, nudges you aside, and grabs the ketchup that was right there on the top shelf. You feel like a fool and say to yourself, “I always screw things up.”

Yes, you do. And the reason is because your subconscious is keeping you from seeing the ketchup, making you become the idiot you consistently tell yourself you are.

What you don’t realize is that your brain screens what you see, only providing what it considers necessary information, because if you noticed everything you wouldn’t be able to walk and chew gum at the same time.

And when you program it by telling yourself you’re defective in some manner, your subconscious will actively make you begin to behave that way. Ergo not seeing the ketchup.

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